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   With a career spanning over 15 years, Camille Codorniu, has been the head jewelry designer to several high profile brands including: Kenneth Cole, Giorgio Armani, Fossil Co. and Michael Kors.
   After the birth of her second son, she made the hard decision to leave the corporate design world.
Soon after she was yearning with desire to design again.
The question was….go back to corporate or take the plunge on embarking into the unknown to create her own jewelry line?
We NOW know the answer to that!
 Through the decision process there was lots of soul searching, reflection and feeling of empowerment to take on this commitment. 
  Camille wanted to create a fashion and affordable lux jewelry brand.
Her collections are inspired by ancient deity abstractions, whose iconic symbols represent the modern woman of today.     
 Phoenix Collection
Phoenix collection from Camille Jewelry

Her first iconic collection she developed was the Phoenix Collection.
The Phoenix is a mythical bird from Ancient Greek legends. The story goes that the bird lives for several hundred years before it dies by setting itself on fire. It burns itself to create a new bird, ready for another long life.
  The legend of the Phoenix symbolizes power, strength and rebirth. It embodies our capacity for vision and transformation. A reflection of Camille’s personal journey into coming to her own. 
 Camille designed beautiful bird beaks featured throughout this collection which represents the Phoenix bird. All styles are designed with fine jewelry detailing and craftsmanship.

   Thyra & Theia Collection

Thyra Collection from Camille Jewelry 

Best rings, earring and bracelets from Theia Collection at Camille Jewelry.

Camille designs a subtle softed trillion shape inspired by goddess THYRA- symbolizing protection as shield bearer and THEIA- Goddess of sight and shining light. This goddess endowed gold, silver, and gems with their brilliance and intrinsic value.
  In the Theia and Thyra collections we exhibit equals parts of classic and modern. We celebrate the spiritual representation of the trillion ( trinity) - the body, mind and spirit, the building blocks of the modern woman.

 Anuket Collection

Best necklaces from the Anuket Collection at Camille Jewelry.
This collection Anuket is inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the Nile River. She is celebrated for the life giving water and returning benefits derived from the wealth provided by her fertility. The fluidity of the gold chains represents the movement of water at dusk.
  This collection offers sleek and effortless layering gold silhouettes that truly make you look and feel like a goddess.


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