Innovative & Trendy Facemask Holder

Posted by Camille Codorniu on

Camille created these trendy convertible chain facemask holders back in late April when she was tired of misplacing/loosing her masks. As an experienced jewelry designer, she knew she had to come up with something innovative yet fashionable so she could stop misplacing them and getting them dirty from running local errands.

Camille Jewelry Face mask holders

What she created, is like none in the market. Her design has a magnetic feature that holds your face mask closed & free from germs at all times.

The best part is that it could be worn up to 5 ways! When you no longer want to wear your face mask holder, you can convert the necklaces to a cool chain style in your wardrobe that could be worn long or double wrap it to wear it short. Best part we added an extra feature - converts to hold your glasses! 

We are offering a FREE eyeglass attachment w/ any purchase. 

The price points are affordable and there is a style for everyone - men and children included.

Check out the Unisex - Corded version that is available in up to 6 different colorways!

Now that many people are back to work and kids are back in school, this necklace becomes a necessity in the world, which we now live in.   We have a style and point for everyone. Our customers all have given us 5 star ratings.

They love the styles, safety and quality of the product. Come see for yourself! 

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Innovative & Trendy Facemask Holder