Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Being a mom is the hardest yet most rewarding job there is!
As a mom of two boys, Camille knows first hand.
She created a beautiful curated collection of everyday styles that she knows moms would love!
Whether your a mom to be, a mom already or just looking for a great gift idea… wearing personalized jewels to remind you of your loved ones, bring so much personal joy! 
Come check out the collection that we can’t get enough of!

1. Gold Filled- Elongated Rectangular Pendant

    Personalize your elongated plaque necklace in gold filled chain | Camille Jewelry


    Express your love and creativity by personalizing the Gold Filled Elongated Rectangular Pendant Necklace. Engrave family initials or full name of your loved one will keep you close to mom’s heart.


      2. Gold Filled - Rectangular Pendant 


    Personalize Gold Filled plaque necklace with initials or dates | Camille Jewelry


    The classic Gold Filled Rectangular Pendant is the ultimate gift for mom that creates sentiment. Customize 1-3 initials on the front as well as a special date such as a birthday on the back.


    3. Gold Filled -  Oval Link Large Pendant

    Personalize large gold filled plaque necklace with initials and dates | Camille Jewelry

    Personalize important dates on back of plaque necklace | Camille Jewelry


     Personalize our Gold Filled Oval Link Large Pendant for the moms who love to make a fashion statement! Every mom will be asking! 


              4. Gold Filled - Mini Rectangular Pendant 


    Personalize mini gold filled plaque necklace with diamond accent | Camille Jewelry


    For a more delicate style that still reflect its meaning, the Mini Plaque Gold Filled Necklace is the best gift for a Mom to Be!


    5. Solid Gold - Initial & Diamond Bezel Necklace   

    Custom initial 14K gold and diamond necklace from Camille Jewelry.


    Add a touch of sparkle with our 14K Gold Initial & Diamond Bezel Necklace.

    A best seller! Mom's love a family initial necklace. That diamond accent  represents momma. She is the strength that bonds the family.


       6. Gold Filled- Y Style Necklace w/ Glitz Accent 

    Personalize this gold filled Y necklace style with cz accent | Camille Jewelry

    Our gold filled Y necklace style has classic, feminine and modern

    written all over it!

    Mom's love a classic yet sexy silhouette that never goes out of style. 


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