Meet The Designer - Camille Codorniu

Meet The Designer - Camille Codorniu from Camille Jewelry       

  With a career spanning over 16 years, Camille Codorniu, has been a jewelry designer to several high profile brands including: Kenneth Cole, Giorgio Armani, Fossil Co. and Michael Kors.

  In 2017 the designer launched her own eponymous jewelry brand, Camille Jewelry.  Her ethereal pieces have been meticulously designed with a contemporary twist and curated specifically for the modern women, creative’s and influencers. The collections are, as Camille says, “ the perfect balance of simplicity, femininity and power”.

  Our craftsmanship and ability to source high quality and unique stones make the pieces speak for themselves. "During my career I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best manufacturers and artisans around the world, while learning the intricate techniques of jewelry design. says Codorniu.

  As her brand grew, Camille introduced a fine jewelry collection and combined both lines under one umbrella. Camille utilizes delicate, unexpected details with a feminine approach.

  After working in NYC for over 16 years, Camille felt it was important to keep her manufacturing local and in the heart of the city.  All her jewelry is designed and handmade here.  Her fashion-forward, yet classic, powerful designs and curated selections are the ultimate expression of the brand. Each item displays her creative use of color, technique and prides herself on attention to detail.  From choosing the stones to putting finishing touches, she strives to ensure each and every handmade piece embodies the brands aesthetic.

                                      " Do more of what makes you shine"