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The time saver

No longer have to look for my mask.

I get compliments everywhere!

I finally have a way to make my masks a stylist addition to my outfits. I get compliments on this chain everywhere. Even boutiques want to know where I got it.

My Cool, handy Camille necklace!

Keys. Cash. Phone. CJ mask necklace.
Best new •must carry". Design is terrific.
Multi color choices of cords are fun and
draw compliments. Magnetic hooks are so smart
and cool too. Thanks and glad to support you!


Absolutely wonderful and quick delivery

Convertible Oval Chain Necklace For Face Mask & Eyewear

Silk Tamarind Face Mask - Khaki Green
Kimberly M Kabosius

Beautiful quality! When I wear my silk mask with paperclip mask chain, all the compliments I receive makes this pandemic (almost) tolerable. ;) They are also great gifts!

I’m so stylish, even in a mask

I love love love my mask chain, I get compliments ALL the time. Thank you!!

Sterling Silver - Evil Eye Amulet Necklace
Anastacia Iniguez

The quality of the products well beyond my expectations

Best purchase!

It's only March but I know this is one of the best purchase of the year! I'm using it for over 2 weeks now.
This is very useful especially for the situation with a face mask. The magnet is a super smart idea!!
Very easy to on and off and it also looks great!
I ordered a black cord necklace because I want it to blend in my hair when I wear the mask and it works perfectly.

Also, I know this is a weird way of using it but I get static shocks a lot in winter and when I'm inside of the house, I hang an anti-static shock keychain on it so the necklace is on me pretty much 24/7. I think there will be more potentials for many different ways of using it!

The Perfect Little Ring

I am a daily ring wearer, and I was looking for a ring to replace a lower quality ring. This little ring is beautiful, dainty, and everything I wanted.


Love love love the chain. I have the cords in pink and black and I always wear them and they are comfortable and don’t weigh, but I bought the gold chain and I love it also. The gold stands out and it’s an attention getter. Happy that the chain also doesn’t weigh as much and it is very comfortable and appealing to the eye. Thank you for these beautiful designs and comfort most of all. It’s already a pain to wear a mask but with your beautiful chains it makes it easy to never forget your mask plus you look fashionable. Thank you

This is for my wife for our 30th anniversary


I’m genuinely obsessed with these convertible necklace mask chains, and this snake chain is my absolute favorite so far. I literally have 4 now because I clearly have a problem but they are simply the best. things. ever. I’m an essential worker and I was desperate to find a mask chain that would keep the mask closed when not in use. The design of this is brilliant!! I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve been raving about them like a lunatic to anyone who will listen but they’re basically perfect. It’s good quality and the snake one is slinky and sexy. Buy it. You won’t regret it. In fact, I’m thinking I might need a backup of this snake one because I seriously love it so much...

Chic and practical!

I gave one as a gift and she was delighted. I kept 2 for myself and I use them every day. I get many compliments when I wear them.

Received your gold necklace for Xmas from my daughter. Love it! So many compliments! Ordered 5 cord mask holders--mixed colors-- for multiple
birthday gifts.They're awesome-- unique snd
practical. Thanks!!

Pearl Glitz Stud Earrings
Richard Carlton
Pearl glitz Earring review

Fiancee loves them! Very pleased with them. Classic with a twist.

Thyra - Insert Ring
Melina Ramirez

Thyra - Insert Ring

My favorite one!

I love all the mask chains and have to stop myself from buying more. It is a fun way to wear jewelry and not be caught without a mask. I am giving the mask chains as presents and they are very much appreciated. This gold with disks is my favorite design yet, although a bit dressier. The included adapters for sunglasses or reading glasses will mean they are useful when we get to get back to normal, whatever that is!

Double crawler

Bought this to match the small Phoenix beak necklace! Theyre absolutely beautiful!!!

Always exceeding my expectations

Got the gift for my sister and she loved it. Beautiful and functional! Also appreciate how quick you were able to get it shipped.

The jewelry that puts a classy look on wearing a mask

I have purchased many of Camille’s face masks-holders and have loved giving them away as gifts. I find it especially appropriate this year as a nod to our fight against the pandemic. Camille mask- holders are a beautiful way of putting our best foot forward as we struggle to live in the wake of the virus that has so engulfed our lives.

Thank you, Camille, for adding some glamor to our mask-wearing.

Beautiful & feminine✨

Very happy with my pieces✨ Very chic & classy ✨

Gorgeous and versatile!

I wear this every day, and people regularly tell me that they “love my earrings” (when my mask is on) and “love my necklace” when it’s around my neck. At least 2020 brought me my favorite piece of jewelry! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Necklace and mask holder

The necklace is beautiful and versatile.