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Women's gold filled jewelry - gemstone collection

Our one-of-a-kind gold filled gemstone jewelry is designed and handmade in New York City. Express yourself with our fine selection of quality earrings and necklaces for women.

What is gold filled jewelry?

Gold filled jewelry is a cost effective alternative to solid gold. The process is created by typically fusing a thick layer of genuine gold onto a base metal core, ensuring durability and luxurious appearance. Marked with a karat value like 14K GF, it's resistant to wear and tarnish, offering elegance and longevity.

Gold filled gemstone earrings

Our delicate gold filled hoop earrings including our most popular pearl cross earrings are made with genuine freshwater pearls. They are the perfect subtle statement pieces that can be effortlessly incorporated into your everyday outfits.

Gold filled gemstone necklaces

Our luxurious gold filled gemstone necklaces are pieces that you will cherish for years to come. We offer eye-catching pendant necklaces that feature shimmering hand carved quartz, vibrant turquoise and natural freshwater pearls.

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Treat yourself today with our fine selection of women's gold filled gemstone jewelry or find the perfect gift for someone special.