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Untangling the Knot: A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Unknot A Chain Necklace

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 Untangling the Knot: A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Unknot A Chain Necklace

We've all been there – reaching for our favorite chain necklace only to find it tangled into an impossible knot. I know this is the worst!  As a jewelry designer with over 20 years of experience, imagine how many knotted chain jewelry I’ve unknotted throughout my career...a lot! 😵‍💫 

I understand the grueling task of what lays ahead. But I promise you will get through it once you review our guide or watch our video. 

Untangling a knotted chain necklace might seem like a daunting task, but with a bit of patience and the right technique, you’ll get your chain jewelry piece back and rejoice. In this step-by-step guide of how to unknot a chain necklace, we'll walk you through the process of untangling a chain necklace without causing damage to the delicate links. 

Now let’s dive in: 


Step 1: Find a Suitable Workspace

Choose a well-lit and spacious area where you can work comfortably without any distractions. A flat surface like a table or desk works best for this task. I personally love to work on a jewelry tray, but not necessary. 


Step 2: Gather Your Tools

You'll need a few simple tools to aid you in the untangling process. My favorite tool is an awl. It’s a long tool and allows you to have more flexibility as you work. However you can grab a pair of fine-pointed tweezers, a needle or a straight pin. My other favorite are magnifier glasses. This will help enlarge your view, so you won’t strain your eyes. These tools will help you manipulate the knots without causing further entanglement. 

If you are interested in getting an awl as a tool, here is a link to one of my personal favorites. Click here


Step 3: Assess the Knot

First and most importantly unlock or unhook your closure. Then examine the knot carefully to understand its structure. Identify any loops or twists in the chain and try to visualize the best approach for unraveling it. This initial assessment will guide your untangling strategy. You will want to start off one end of the chain at a time. 


Step 4: Patience is Key

Untangling a chain necklace requires patience and a gentle touch. Avoid pulling or yanking on your chain jewelry, as this can tighten the knot further. Instead, take your time and work methodically to loosen each tangle. It may seem overwhelming at first, but hang in there you got this! 


Step 5: Start Untangling

Begin by gently pulling on one end of the chain to straighten it out as much as possible. Use your fingers to manipulate the chain necklace, teasing apart any loops or knots along the way. If the knot is particularly tight, use the awl, tweezers or needle to carefully loosen it without causing damage to the links. Be careful not to dig into the surface too hard, you want to avoid scratching or damaging your chain jewelry. 


Step 6: Work from the Outside In

Focus on untangling the outermost loops of the knot first, gradually working your way towards the center. This approach helps prevent the knot from becoming tighter as you unravel it. Remember to work with one end at a time. 


Step 7: Utilize Tools for Stubborn Knots

For stubborn knots that refuse to budge, use the straight pin to gently tease apart the links. Insert the pin into the center of the knot and gently wiggle it back and forth to loosen the tangles. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this can bend or break the chain. Having that sharper tool like the jewelry awl, really allows you to separate those hard to reach places. 


Step 8: Repeat as Needed

Continue working through the knot, repeating the untangling process until the chain necklace is completely free of tangles. Take breaks as needed to avoid frustration and maintain a steady hand. Once you get through one chain, it gets easier.


Step 9: Finishing Touches

Once the knot is fully untangled, inspect your chain jewelry for any kinks or twists that may have formed during the process. Gently straighten out any imperfections with your fingers, taking care not to bend or distort the links. 

I personally love to run a jewelry cloth afterwards, to help clean up and polish the surface after untangling. Owning a jewelry cloth is essential when it comes to the care of your jewelry investments. If you don’t own one, here is a link to a personal favorite jewelry cloth from Mayflower products (you can find on Amazon) I like to use for all my jewelry care needs. Click here


Step 10: Store Properly

To prevent future tangles, store your chain necklaces properly when not in use. Consider hanging them on a jewelry stand or storing them in individual pouches to keep them tangle-free in a cool stored location. Depending where you store your jewelry, fluctuating air temperatures and humidity can cause oxidation. This is where using your jewelry cloth comes in handy. Also, if you don’t have a jewelry stand or individual jewelry pouches at the moment, an old fashion zip lock baggie will due until you get one. Be sure to store each style individually to avoid entanglement again and oxidation. Here is a link to a jewelry storage solutions which I think is great on Amazon. Click here




Unknotting a knotted chain necklace may seem like a daunting task, but I promise with patience, persistence, and the right technique ( and attitude ), you can restore your jewelry to its original condition. By following these step-by-step instructions and using gentle manipulation, you can untangle even the most stubborn knots without causing damage to the delicate links. So the next time you're faced with a tangled necklace, don't give up – now that you know these tips, you'll be able to unravel the knot and enjoy your favorite jewelry once again. 


 If you still want to know more and need a visual walk through, Join me through this video as I take you through my tips/ tricks of how to unknot a necklace. Click here!


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